Monday, March 3, 2008

Good news so far...

Well...Mark started his new job today!! He just called and sounded pretty cheery about it. Of course this week its just paperwork, training all that good stuff. But he found out that the insurance is excellent, and that they *might* not take as much from him in taxes as we thought. He also found out that he DOESNT have to go to the 5 week academy at the end of April (when Im due)...but that they will let him wait till the one that is at the end of May, so YAY!! that makes me feel better....and to top it off....I think I got them to come down on the rent on the apartment that I really want. (sure its only a 2 bedroom, but its the nicest newest one, in a great spot). Mark has been adamant because he wanted to buy a house, but as wierd as it sounds I just feel "safer" (finance wise) to just get an apartment for this year until his job is more established, you know....SO I think I might convince him to move this week if I get the price cut on it!! Im SO ready to be out of his moms basement!! I will let you know how it all goes down! Hopefully things keep lookin up! Maybe that extra prayer I said in church yesterday is working!!! I knew it would! =)

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