Friday, April 4, 2008

34.5 weeks and counting!!!

Well, Im almost 35 weeks!!! I had Konnor at 37.5 so Im getting excited!! Im starting to feel miserable too which oddly enough is a cool thing. It means Im close to the end! He is head down and in place and I feel those sharp twinges of pain down through "everything" that i felt a few weeks before my water broke with Konnor. I feel like Im in the home stretch! Although 5 more weeks sound like forever still...Im just hoping this guy comes early too. I have a shower april 20th and I sorta wanna hold out till then, but then once thats over with he can come on! Im not due till May 12th, but I dont see how theres any way it will be that long. Im thinking end of april beginning of may. My doc even thinks so, I get to have the lovely "internal" exam at my next apt, and she said we will see what things look like, but her guess is that this one will come sooner too.SO thats the latest. We still have no internet at home. I did take pics of the new apartment but I just have to make time to post them. They are coming soon though. Konnor is still not sleeping in his own bed but we are working on it. At least he has his own room now. Mark is liking the new job and is getting lots of over time which is nice for the income. Still is never enough though. I am busting my butt at work this and next week to get in alot of hours and then am planning on not doing much for the few weeks before the baby. I will try to be on here more often. I miss posting and reading all of your blogs. ANYWAY....sorry to ramble, just wanted to catch up! Gotta go home now its 1030 and I think my parents want to go to bed. I will write again soon!


MrsMoma said...

Glad to hear the update. Wow, your pregnancy has flown by (for me at least) LOL, hope you hold out for your shower :)

Fullerton Family said...

Woo-hoo, you are so close!!!!! I hope these next few weeks go good for you!!!