Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well............I guess that word is a little exaggeration....But dissapointed. Mark wants to wait a few more months to get pre approved and try to move. He starts the academy this month and wants to wait a few and make sure his paycheks are what he thinks they will be and that we will be ok. I know he is trying to do whats best I am just impatient and want a house like last year! Gosh I feel like we are never going to get a house. I know I sound ungrateful, since it is only his income that we have right now and I honestly thank God for the roof that is over our heads now, I just will be so happy when it is our own house. It makes it even harder cause we have been looking at houses with an agent and I really thought it was going to happen. Maybe come spring. *sigh*.

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