Monday, December 15, 2008


Oh my gosh I have had it up to HERE (puts hand on an invisible mark above my head, but you cant see).

I LOVE my dear sweet Konnor so incredibly much. Thats why this is SO hard for me. I hate feeling frustrated with him, but here lately I have been. He was doing so good with potty for the past 2 months. He only wears a pull up at night and never has accidents. NOW for some reason the past few days he has been peeing in random places. The part that is really getting me though is that I completely understand that accidents are normal, and ok, but what he is doing is NOT an accident. He pulls down his pants and stands there and pees. Then he will say "hey mommy.... I peed in the floor". Or some of my favorites (not really) from yesterday and today: "mommy, I peed in my dump truck" and "mommy I peed in your shoe."
Oh my. What on earth do I do. An hour ago after he came in the room and said "mommy I peed in the basket" Mark spanked him. Hard. It broke my heart. I know he has to be disciplined for this but I just dont know the right way. I told mark to just talk to him about it and he said "That is OBVIOUSLY not working." He makes a good point, but I just feel like we are punishing him for something that is a normal part of the learning process. I want to take care of the situation but I just dont know how. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me! I just basically wanted to vent though....

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Kaycee said...

I agree about the spanking. I felt the same way when Cami was going through it. It just doesn't seem right to spank them for something they've been doing for 2 years.(that was my own opinion though)

(I'm sure you do), but do you do rewards when he goes? That's the only thing that worked for us. I do know that boys are more difficult at PT though (that's what I heard) We did a sticker chart and it really seemed to get Cami excited ab going.

Also, we couldn't look at her while she was on the potty. She didn't want us watching kwim? And we let her carry her potty whereever she wanted in order to go. She would carry it into every room and every corner of the room to find tat perfect spot sometimes.

Good luck and i'm sorry ab your shoe :(