Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shopping makes me *HAPPY*

(and, I must admit, a little guilty....)

BUT Out of the $200 in gift cards I got I only spent like 50 on myself.
I got some SUPER deals!! I got a pair of Express jeans: Orig. $68.99 for $11.99!!!!
a pair of Gap jeans: orig. $90.00 for $21.50!!!! a Victorias secret Bra for $9.99 and 4 shirts at Target for $13.00 all together!!!!!!!! Dude! I also got new Clinique makeup, but my mom bought that for my b-day (which is TOMORROW!!!) so I really feel like I racked up!! Now I am finishing my day of shopping off with my Fave Iced Coffee frpm Starbucks, my mom took Konnor for the night, Cole and mark are sleeping and I feel like a queen! It does not take much these days, and since it has seriously been like a year and a half since I have gotten any new clothes. PS....One the weight loss issue....I I swore that I was not getting any clothes until I could get down to a small size. I was a little sad because when I used to shop (before Cole) a 4 would be the biggest size I would EVER get, well since having Cole Its been like 8-10, but my Express jeans are 8's (bigger than I would like) SIDE NOTE: (for ME it is big...No I do not think an 8 is big in general, but for my frame, and my health it is...I am 5 foot tall....and used to be 105 lbs. Please do not take offense if you are this size!!!!) Anyway...and the Gap jeans are 6's!! Yeah! My goal this year is to be in a 4 again, but hey the year is just starting, so I will take a 6 for now! I will take pics at my bday dinner tomorrow and let you see some of the new clothes. I do feel really wierd that I didnt get something for the boys with it, but my mom was with me and wouldnt let me! She was like seriously getting mad at me! I guess she is getting a little embarrassed of all my old clothes! I am in a super good mood now though! It feels good to have some much needed new clothes! (and some caffeine!)


Kati Sue* said...

Hi! I came across your blog last night! I really enjoy reading it!

I am stuck between a 6-8 in American Eagle jeans.. after 2 kids I can't complain. I am sure you will get back to your size in no time! Best of luck!

Aimee said...

Happy Birthday!

And holy crap about the Express jeans! I bought two pairs for forty each and thought I had found an awesome deal. You're a super shopper, lol!

Good luck on the weight loss front, I believe in you!

Karla said...

Its great to just do/get something for yourself sometimes!

Happy Birthday!

Steph said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! And thanks for "believing in me!" he he..

Kaycee said...

Ugh an 8? Hooker! LOL jk, that's my good size :)

Hooray for you getting some you time and stuff for yourself! I was going to do that today, but never found anything at Target..blah!

Happy{early} Birthday!!!!

Erin said...

Wow awesome deals!! I LOVE a good bargain, especially on name brand clothes! Glad you got to have some "me" time and spend money on just YOU. I remember on my last birthday i spent all my gift cards on Carter...i couldn't help it! Oh, and my gift cards i got for Christmas were spent on the new baby.