Thursday, October 15, 2009

SUPER random Thursday Thoughts

Its COOOLLLDDD AND appearantly our heat isnt working!
Ah well...its not so bad. I really dont mind it ((yet)). I like it cool in the house, and Ive been feeling festive (see new blog template) so the cold just adds to the effect, LOL. Today I will go let konnor pick out a movie, and somethig yummy to bake and just spend a day snuggling and keeping warm.
Luckily my father in law has worked in HVAC for 20 years and is coming to fix whatever it is that needs to be fixed tomorrow. I have to say we are really blessed in that dept, because from what I hear that can get pretty pricey, but he is totally taking care of it thru his company.
remember when I said I was going to start keeping a teeny baby? well its going to be sooner rather than later! He will come next week for three days and then the week after that for three days, then start full time!!! Im excited to have a baby here. Im just a little nervous that I will never get out of my cave, er, house. But I know it will be fine. I guess we will just have to become planners instead of "flying by the seat of our pants" kind of people. Which will be hard....Im seriously considering a mini van...just so I can still be able to leave when I want....we will see how it all pans out!
My mom and dad are going to Gatlinburg this weekend and I have to admit Iam SOOO jealous!! mark and I have been planning to go in Nov. for a few months now, but arent going to be able to go now. Bummer...
Mark is on his 5 on 3 off schedule right now and I LOVE it!! We had such a great past few days. We did some shopping (which we NEVER get to do) and got the boys costumes. Then went to the mall (FUN) and out to eat. Yesterday mark and I got to go out to the movies ALONE. we say Couples retreat. It was cute and A) made me want to go to a beach, and B) made me really want to stick with my diet and lose 10 more Lbs. Nothing like a bikini to motivate ya!!
I cant WAIT to decorate my house for Christmas!!! I have been tortured the past 2 years and not been able to decorate, so this year I am super excited!!!

OK, I guess thats all for now!! Going to refill my coffee cup and try to get WARM!!!! Its 62 in here!! THe boys are in two layers!! LOL


London said...

I hear you on the cold! This is my first winter in New England, as opposed to the south and I have one thing to say, "Brrrr!" Anyway, hope you guys are able to stay warm!

Kara said...

Hey Steph, how close do you all live to Gatlinburg? We are about an hour and twenty minutes away. Do we live somewhat close to each other? We are in southeast TN.

Steph said...

Kara. we live in louisville KY, itw about a 4 or 5 hour drive to Gatlinburg. =)