Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My son is 3 1/2, but ACTUALLY seems like his is 13 1/2.
THIS week he has picked up a new word....can you guess what it is?? No, its not candy...Its actually: ACTUALLY!! It is so cute to hear him say it, and even more amazing to hear him say it in the right context! I have no clue where he picked it up but I almost want to tell him to stop saying it, cause he sounds too old!! He says things like: I will wear these...No, actually I will wear my police shoes. Or Me: Konnor, do you want ketchup? K: Actually, I dont like ketchup anymore. =0
Its been going on all week!!! HE has also come up with "let me see" while tapping his finger to his cheek, and sometimes kids________-and sometimes kids dont _______. (fill in the blank with anything, such as take naps, like their brothers, eat carrots, etc).
What a little man....=(

BTW Halloween pics to come soon!! they were adorable!!!


Cacey said...

LOL Batman is the SAME way. It's too funny to hear these "grownup" phrases come out of their little mouths!

1589jaipur said...

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