Sunday, December 13, 2009

For your viewing pleasure....

A Crapload of pics =-P

Our first real tree (as a family). I have had one before, but when I was a little kid. Every year until now we have used a 4 foot artificial. I LOVE this tree! The pics dont even do it justice. Its Beautful!

The one thing our house doesnt have that I wish it did is a fireplace. BUT I have a few Faux mantles throughout....
See!! They will do for now!
Our little 4 footer I told ya about! This year its up in the spare room. You can see it thru the front window and it looks so pretty!

The boys 1st christmas pics on the stairway

Front door.

Merry Christmas from the Bradens!

Stockings arent hung on the fireplace, but on the stairway thingy...

Just some pinecones and a santa bell...

How many days till christmas?!

My Grandma gave me these and I think they are BEAUTIFUL!!

Here they are again along with some dishes she gave me. And YES, the boys leave them alone. they know the rules around here!! =)

Top of the TV

I got this idea to hang the ornaments from the light from a Better Homes and Gardens Mag, was proud of myself for this one. Isnt that cute!! =)

And one more of the tree
It may not be the most extravagant home, or decor, but its OUR first home, and I LOVE it and am so happy with all that I have been blessed with.


LauraC said...

Love all the decorations! It looks so festive in your house! And I agree, I love the green glasses.

Mel said...

Looks great! I love the chain. I always made one of those for my room when I was a kid. Like your new blog title!

Karla said...

Very nice!! Your should be very proud of your first home and the gorgeous Christmas decor!