Friday, December 11, 2009

I geniously decided a few days ago that I would switch around 3 of the 4 bedrooms in our house. Well, actually I was forced to to it because for some wierd reason Cole's room is always freezing. I have idea why...our house is only about 9 years old, and our heat is awesome....that room is just wierd. Its HOT in the summer and cold in the winter. It had gotten to the point that Cole was not sleeping and now that he is stuffy and coughing I had just figured it was best.
SO move him into the spare room, right....oh no. That would have been too easy. Anyone who knows me well knows that I always make things harder than they have to be. I thought, if Im going to be moving stuff, I might as well move Konnor into the spare room. That is basically his room anyway. The kid lives in there, we dont know why, but he has always liked it in there. We wake up and he will be asleep in there all the time. Plus that room has a cable hookup, and he previous room didnt. SO He moved in there...Cole went to his old room, and Coles old room became the new spare room. Whew...let me tell you THAT was NOT fun. I was in way over my head yesterday. Thank God for my wonderful dad who came and helped me. There I was with my whole upstairs looking like we had just moved in, and all the while Mark was sleeping because he works nights, I had cole crying and clinging on to my leg all day, a 3 month old screaming all day (well, till 12...his mommy came to get him early yesterday which was a Miracle...shhh) and a dog barking his head off in the basement because all of the commotion. Lets just say that is not my idea of a party.
But, NOW that its OVER I think this will work out better. Konnors new room is much bigger and he actually went to bed on his own last night!!!! Coles new room is warm (whole point here) but nothing is matching in there which is driving me crazy, but I already know how Im gonna do it, and will prob go shopping this weekend to get bedding and curtains. The new spare room actually is pretty now. I have always wanted an actual guest room, and now I have it. Before our spare room was just filled with junk and toys. I left all of coles little nursery decor in there though because it broke my heart to move him. I loved his room and cried last night when I put him to bed in the new room...=( I am so sentimental its not even funny!!!! anyway, thats that, and I guess I can just look at it as a chance to fix up two new rooms now!!! that is always fun!!!!

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