Saturday, November 20, 2010

Show me the Mommy

Al little late, BUT the picture was taken yesterday so it counts right...
I was actually looking at YOUR blogs when I was like "shoot!! I didnt do it!!" So when I got up off the couch to take cole to bed I grabbed the camera and snapped a pic. Forgive the "Im to tired to do this" look on my face, it was about 9 pm and it had been a LONG day of calling poison control, vomiting and diarhea, all from THIS little cutie decided he wanted toothpaste for lunch...Thankfully all was fine and the sickies went away after about 2 hours. Even Though I look rough, this is actually one of my favorite pics. It captures me and my baby boy in a way most people dont usually get to see. So there ya go!! I showed you the mommy =) Have a great weekend!

and yes the date is WAY off on the pic...cant figure out how to fix it ;)

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Kara said...

I decided to play too! I'm hoping this will become a weekly thing, we'll see! Glad everything is ok after the toothpaste incident.