Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ashley Judd winked at me

yes you read it right.

So last night mark and I went to a Judds concert. If you dont know, its an old school country mother daughter duo from like the 80s. It was just something to do to get out of the house, we got the tickets for free, and we were just sort of making fun of ourselves.

Little did we know, the tickets we got were VIP and we sat with all the "big wigs" .I do not know how we managed that!
If you all dont know the Judds are mother, and sister to big time hollywood star Ashley Judd, and they are all three from right here in beautiful Kentucky. SO there we sat, 3 seats down from Ashley. Singing along to all the songs, all the while staring at Ashley instead of the stage LOL. I looked over once and she looked at me at the exact same time. We were both singing along to the words and she WINKED at me!!!! I mean, my night was TOTALLY made. Ok, maybe my year. I adore ashley judd. Probably just because she is from KY like me, but I just think she is so beautiful and down to earth. It was so cool......

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London said...

How cool! I think she's gorgeous too!