Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Day Off!

Well I had today off!! Nothing too eventful, just enough to make me wish I was a SAHM. (which I wish EVERYDAY!!!). But it was fun none the less. We got up around 10, I have Konnor on a GREAT schedule now! =) and had waffles and grapes. Mark decided that he was going skiing today (rolling my eyes), so fine....whatever, I wanted to just hang out with K anyway. SO we then went to my dads for a few hours and let konnor play because he has so much more fun there that ant MILS. He can run and play and actually TOUCH things. Then after that we left, went to wal mart and got a few grocery things, and by that time I was starving again. I for some reason saw Rally's and decided that sounded good. I havent had Rallys in like 5 years! OH MAN it was SO good. As I sat at home eating my cheeseburger and chili cheese fries and drinking my chocolate shake (which was intended for Konnor, but he fell asleep...darn) I was thinking......"hmmm, maybe THIS is the reason I get SO big with pregnancy!" I know exactly what to do and what not to do, I am a personal trainer for crying out loud! Why cant I just eat what I know is right, and do the exercises I know I should be doing?? Then I said to myself "not while Im pregnant. I know what to do, but why do it right now??" I will deal with it later. MMM those chili cheese fries were good. Wait 4 months and I will have a huge post on here titled "why didnt I just eat good when I was pregnant???!!!!" =)


London said...

I doubt you get "SO big" while you're preggo, you look teeny in your pics!

Kaycee said...

He.He.He!! Not laughing at you, but myself. I did the SAME thing girl. I told myself no way will i "eat for two".. then a couple months later i had bags of cookies stashed throughout the house and had DH go on chocolate milkshake runs! are teeny though, don't worry to much.