Monday, January 21, 2008

My First Blog!!

OK, so I'm new at this! I know I have no real exciting life and nobody will probably EVER read my blog....but I have a really boring job, and I confess I LOVE to read other peoples blogs. Call me nosy...I just like to see what everyone else is doing with their life!! If anything this will give me something to do with all my free time at work!!

So.. About me. I have a 20 month old son Konnor Matthew. His birthday is May 7th, and I am expecting another Beautiful Baby Boy due May 12th!

My wonderful husband and I are both from KY, and just recently moved back home after being gone for 3 years, traveling for the Air Force. Mark (my husband) did his 6 years for the military and is now DONE. YAY. Its SO nice to be out yet SO stressful. I just happened to get pregnant right when he got out and we have no HOUSE of our own yet, and the hubs is still in pursuit of a job.....Lovely!! Oh well, things happen the way they are supposed to. He will have a job soon and a house will follow. I know we will be somewhere by the time this baby comes. *fingers crossed!*

I work at a tiny little gym here in my town. I train people a few times a day, but its getting harder to do so now I mostly just sit on the computer! Easy enough, huh.

Things I love... Coke, Baby Center, Starbucks, Target, Babies r Us, Arby's, Outback, The Food Network, Jon and Kate plus 8, The Girls Next Door, Long Kisses, feeling pretty, Ice Cream and snuggling with my baby boy, and my big baby boy..lots more stuff I cant think of.

Things I hate...When my hair gets in my lip gloss, when my hair gets in my face (don't know why it makes me SO mad!), stubbing my toe, the fact that I always do really clumsy stupid things, when the really old people come in and work out (aweful I know), being away from Mark too long, LIVING AT MIL's house right now, exercising ( I have to MAKE myself), looking at houses and not being able to get one yet, people who tell you you look like you feel bad, and lots more!

So anyway, theres my first Blog!! I think this will be fun. I will post some pics tonight when I get home!! TaTa For now!


CamiGirl'sMom said...

AW! I'm so happy you started one! I"ll add you to my list. :)
You're GORGEOUS!! *gag* LOL jk! I love the family pic up top!

Amanda aka Zoey's Mommy said...

I saw on BBC that you made a blog. Woohoo! It's so much fun and addicting. Your family is so cute! And you are beautiful!