Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mark Is Gonna be a police officer!!!!

FINALLY.........Thank you dear Jesus he got a JOB!!! Its been over two months, and we were literally down to our last of savings!! He got a conditional job offer today and we will find out soon when he gets to start *hopefully soon!* I am SO thrilled you have no idea! Now we are going to start looking for apartments. We were gonna buy a house but I just want to hurry up and move, so we will get an apt, for a while and take our time looking for a house. There are some really nice new ones around here that are like houses. SO Anyway... I am in a good mood for once! I just hope and pray that the academy isnt when Im due! THAT would suck! =) Oh, and about the dang bedding, I will figure out how to do it and repost later! Have a great day!

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