Friday, February 15, 2008

For your enjoyment....... =)

Here are some new pics. Konnor is getting to be such a big boy!! I cant believe everything he is doing and saying now. And I just had to throw one of the belly in there to show yall how HUGE I have gotten. I dont feel right having that other pic down there of my little bittly belly.... I doesnt look like that any more!! Gosh, could they be wrong?? I think Im really due in March, not May!!! So, anyway, enjoy your day. I am going to get some breakfast....(Im home all alone!) and then go get Konnor! Will update on V-Day later!


Fullerton Family said...

This is Kimberly, from BBC. Your preggo belly is so cute!! Not huge at all!! I am super jealous that you can look that cute and have no stretch marks! Lucky girl!
p.s.~ I love your name ; )

Kaycee said...

You are SO freaking cute!! And so is Konnor..hehe!! He has gotten BIG!! Aw.. Cami likes looking at his pics :)

London said...

Wow Konnor is getting so big and so handsome. And you look fantastic! Cletus!