Friday, February 15, 2008


OK yall, its probably just pregnancy paranoia, but I made a few changes. I read about how we should keep our info private, and about some people who have endured horrid fates because some wierdo got their info off line, found them and did God knows what....SO I just decided to "update" , if you will..... My name..Cletus, I did not just pull out of a hat.....Hubby for some reason has ALWAYS affectionately called me that. (who knows why, its just normal around here. ), and a few of the other changes I made to fit my "wanna-be" lifestyle! Just wanted to fill ya in!


Kaycee said...

OH man should i do this too?? GRR.. lol love Cletus

London said...

My other blog is still under my real name and my DH even has one under his first and last name. We're not too worried about it.