Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good Morning

Good morning! I hardly ever get to get on the computer in the AM, but it os one of those rare days where I am so I thought I would just say hi. Nothing good planned for today. Im actually dreading today-I have to work 2-8. I hate that shift. Its cool that I get to sleep in and rest, but it just makes me dread the day, and since we sleep kinda late I feel like I dont get anything accomplished before work anyway. Mark and Konnor went to Khols last night while I was at work and there was a huge sale!! I was so jealous! Mark ogt a pair of jeans for 12.99, a shirt for 7.99 and Konnor a pair of Adidas tennies for like 20$. I hate having a job! I miss out on everything!! As soon as mark starts his job Im quitting!!!! So anyway...Hope you all have fun days planned! I will be measuring peoples waist with a tape measure, typing on the computer and probably cleaning bathrooms tonight. Oh the joys! WOW....I really was intending on making this a good morning post, not a downer!! SORRY!! Have a good day!

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Kaycee said...

LOL! Did your day get better? KOhls always has awesome sales!!

We need to see new belly pics misses!