Monday, February 4, 2008

Another one on the list

Well, we went out searching again and just stumbled upon these cute little condos that happen to be on the property where DH just got his new job. They are really cute. The are up on a hill overlooking where DH would be working. So we drove up there and Lo and Behold there was one with a For Rent sign. We called, looked at it and loved it. There are Pros and Cons to it but I guess there are with anything. SO Here goes... Here are the pros and cons...tell me what you would do....
PROS: It is RIGHT next to DH work...he can walk there which saves us about $200 a month is gas alone... it is very pretty, a HUGE living room that is all windows and a gorgeous stone fireplace, built in shelving all brand new carpet etc..Its just really beautiful. It has a washer and dryer and all appliances in kitchen, which will save us $$, its in a nice, quiet, pretty neighborhood, and Last but not least....its at the Low side of our price range, which means that with all the money we can save, I wont have to worry so much about going back to work. Now... CONS... its only two bedrooms, the kitchen is a little small, there is no Ice Maker and Water spout on the fridge thats there, its on the 2nd and 3rd floor instead of the ground which will suck with two babies and, our bedroom is upstairs, and the other bedroom (which will be Konnors and eventually his baby brothers) is and the 1st floor (but, It is all open with vaulted ceilings so its easy to hear etc..) and there isnt a tub in the master bath, only in the one connected to the boys room. SO...what do you think?? Is it worth you think the Pros outweigh the cons?? I really do but I love kitchens and I was really hoping for a big fancy kitchen but I guess I can make due with this one for a year..... We will see.

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London said...

It sounds great to me! Although the stairs do make it tricky, I have two flights to walk up here, but we manage. As for the kitchen, ours isn't huge either but we make do with what we've got! I say go for it.