Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Apartment Hunt

Well... I went to "shop" for apartments today. I found a really nice place in a REALLY perfect neighborhood. Its in a shopping community and everything you need is around, but the apartment are set back in trees and secluded. They are only three years old. The one I looked at is a three bedroom two bath, 1360 square feet (which for an apt is really good....I think!) with a fireplace. big rooms, open kitchen, dining and LR, AND I can paint. Its a good price for the area too. Most of the others around there are 1200-1400, this one is $905, which is right around our range, Oh, and... since mark is a cop, we dont have to put down a deposit or the application fee so thats good. ANYWAY, mark is going to go back with me tomorrow and I hope he likes it because I really want to MOVE!!!! So wish me luck!!


London said...

Wow that sounds awesome! We're moving this summer too and I'm really hoping for a bigger, nicer apartment!

Kaycee said...

Wow that sounds awesome and a good price too!! I hope yall get it..keep us posted!