Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Heart Borders

SO.... Konnor went to my moms last night to stay (as he does once or twice a week) ONE because my parents LOVE it, and TWO because my wonderful mom knows how tired I am between working then coming home and having Konnor and being 6 month preggo. SO ANYWAY he was gone for the night and I was SO bored. I was really in the mood to go to the bookstore. I am really a cheap date...such a nerd, I love to do stuff like that. Well, Mark just wanted to "chill in his Jammies" (his words =p ) so we ended up watching a movie and going to bed. So today I kept bugging him till he agreed. Our deal was that he could go to the mall and spend his last gift card, then we would go to the bookstore and get coffee. He was not into the bookstore idea but he agreed. WELL..... Ended up I was waiting for HIM there!! He found the bargain section and got 3 books, and sat there for like an hour reading another!! I got The Happiest Baby on the the Block, a Fit Pregnancy Magazine, and a book for Konnor called Im a big Brother =). Mark got a big hardback book called Tyrants (for 8.99!!) and that book by John Stewart in hardback (for 4.99!!). WE ALSO got coffee which was a BONUS!! We got four books and a magaxine for $31.15!! it was so relaxing to sit there and sip coffee (decaf for me) and read books!! I love it always have, and NOW DH is a believer too!! He even agreed and filled out the thing for the Borders card! SO Anyway that was our day. It was pretty fun!!

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Kaycee said...

My kinda night!! I love coffee and magazines/books! That's why i go once a week :P Glad yall enjoyed yourself!