Monday, February 25, 2008

makeshift baby book

Well, since my (konnors)baby book is still in storage I am just going to catch up on here, I knew this would be an easy place to refer back to later.... And I thought you guys might be interested too.

21 Months....February, March 2008
Saying Phrases (2,3,4 words together)
Saying way too many words to count....will say pretty much anything he hears now.
Can drink from a cup with no lid
Practicing potty (goes pee well, pooped on potty for first time 2-23-08, not since....)
Foods: Pizza, Mac-n-cheese, Ketchup on anything...dipping anything in anything, CANDY (M&Ms, and "sucka's" mainly, but has a major sweet tooth.)
Toys: broom, elmo, books, pretty much anything right now. Pots, pans, spoons, forks are really his favorite things to play with. Pretend plays alot, especially like he is stirring things then pretend eating it, and pretending like he is fixing things like his bike and trucks.
In General: Loves animals, firetrucks, "big trucks" and "daddys truck", elmo,
Things that happened this Month: Went to the circuis, for the 1st time, went and saw firetrucks at the firestation for the 1st time, went to a birthday party with "jumpies" and LOVED it, Had his hair cut for the first time professionally in Nov, and again in Feb. Ate CRAB CAKES and loved them.

Well, thats all I can compile for now. Just wanted to get it all down before I forget!!

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Fullerton Family said...

Kami loves "suckahs", too! These kids and their sweet tooths!