Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get ready for the next Girl Next Door.....

SO, Today I was sitting comfortably on the couch eating cereal watching The Girls Next Door when DH joins me. I know I know....I dont know why I like the show...but Im shamelessly addicted to it. SO anyway. On the episode, they were "testing" new girls (meaning they were taking nude pics of girls that want to be in the magazine.) I am surprisingly fine with DH seeing this (a few month ago I would have changed it, but lately Im just like whatever). SO here we are chatting away about whos prettiest, She is retarded, I dont like her boobs, blah blah blah. All of a sudden DH gets up and grabs some candy from the candy basket, plops back down and matter of factly says " YOU should try it Cletus."...........

Now picture this for me ok.....Im 30 lbs heavier than normal in the same gym shorts that were tight on me BEFORE, with no makeup, a broken out face, unpainted toenails, hair not washed and thrown in a ponytail, cramming cheerios in my mouth with milk dripped on my hugely pregnant belly..........
I look up at him and for some reason this just struck me the wrong way. You have to know my Husband. He is a huge smart arse. I said "Why is THAT funny?!"
To which he turns and looks at me STUNNED scared to death like my head is spinning. He said "Its not funny. Im serious. "
Me: "OK Im sure they just LOVE pimples and stretch marks!!" beginning to CRY of all things. He then got annoyed and goes "OH my GOD. WHY are you crying????"
ME " sucks being FAT and UGLY! especially when your husband sits around and looks at hot girls like THAT!" pointing to to TV.
HIM: "Uh...I dont sit and look at those girls...YOU do. Youre the one who put it on there and then called me in here to come look at her. ( dang it he was right) "I think you are WAY prettier than THEM!! I was being dead serious. You would definately make It. I wasnt being mean, I meant it. But I really wouldnt want you to do it....I just meant you look better "

Silence. ..then...More Crying. This time because He said something nice. I then knew that he WAS being serious. Hes the type that if he is being mean he will fully admit it. Dang it....was I just mean and emotional for no reason. Crap...I think I was.

SO Thanks babe for making me feel ugly, then really pretty. Ya know sometimes that guy really does surprise me. I think I know him so well, then he goes and does something really genuinely sweet and makes a fool out of me!! Now I know that probably doesnt seem sweet to you all, but Geez, this pregnancy thing really has me up and down! Its funny how such a miniscule moment between us could mean so much, but oh, well. It does. The guy can honestly look at me in my disaster of a self right now and think I am hot. For some reason that makes me love him so much!! I have waled around all day feeling pretty for the first time in about 4 months. We already knew that I was wierd so admitting this wont change that!!! =) I just thought it was funny looking back on it and thought maybe someone might get some enjoyment out of it. Now Im going to go watch some more "girls" and practice my poses!! Maybe I'll post pics later...... =) HA...Just kidding, dont get scared!

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MrsMoma said...

AWW! I think that is totally sweet!! :) and i love the descriptive words..i can see the scene as it happened. haha!