Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moving day is approaching

Well, the time is finally coming, and to tell you the truth I am actually a little apprehensive about it. Now dont get me wrong, I am sick to death of the IL's, but Im just talking about the move in general. We have slowly been taking our clothes etc thats here over there, but tomorrow the movers are bringing ALL of our stuff. Mark will be at work and I will be there to deal with them and Konnor ALONE!!! Im pretty much dreading it since last time we were there trying to carry stuff in Konnor kept throwing a FIT wanting to run out the door, and go up the stairs. Im sure I will be dealing with that all day tomorrow! Oh well, the one good thing is that they have to do everything..... Its our last military move, so If I wanted them too they would go as for as to hang pics where I wanted them.... I dont go that far. I want them out of my house as soon as possible. Its also going to be great since we have our own appliances and the apartment comes furnished with them.....they are just going to have to bring them in and sit them there until we can get them to storage later this week.....thats gonna be cute! Wish me luck with everything. I will just be SO happy when everything is in its place and as the Hubs says "normal". Well, Im off to go to my parents house and pick up a load of stuff to take there. Will update later on the progress!

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