Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In desperate need of Coffee

I got probably a total of 5 hours of sleep, which is ok, for some, but for this 7.5 month pregger, its not nearly enough........especially since those 5 hours were spent (get this) on the floor. Yes thats right. The floor. We have been on a sectional couch here at the IL's, and last night Konnor was in a particular (bratty) mood, and HAD to lay on my side and I got SO tired of him kneeing me in the tummy that I just figured at least I could stretch out on the floor. When mark woke up he was SO mad at me, and needless to say I am not too happy with myself either. I feel like crap! SO Im off to my parents house to pick up the remainder of my stuff to take to the apartment, but you better believe I will be stopping off to get some free coffee from MILs Dairy Queen that she owns, and it wont be decaf this time!

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