Friday, March 14, 2008


My, my my... Moving is SO hard!! BUT I just have to say WOO HOO that Im out of MILs basement! Wednesday went good when the movers came and brought all of our stuff. Konnor was surprisingly REALLY good
for me , but now I am just in a two BR apartment with all the stuff that used to fill our 4 BR house. I am just so impatient and want it all put away NOW, and mark has been at work so I have been trying to unpack all by myself (with konnors help of course), and at the state Im in (that would be whale), its just not happenin'! I actually broke down and cried today because I feel so cluttered and overwhelmed!! I mean there is a refrigerator in the middle of my Living room for crying out loud! (has to go to storage). But I know it will be done with time. My mom is coming to stay the weekend and Mark is off so hopefully they can get most of it all done. My mom did give me 140 dallars to go grocery shopping with so thats good news, Mark and I will go later (YES, I am actually looking foreward to going to the grocery!! Im a loser!), AND we really racked up. My mom and dad got us 2 new Lay-Z-Boys, and a new dresser, and MIL got us a coffee table and end tables. Yes its a tad cramped with the fridge in there too, but hey, cant compain. I have been about to go crazy not having TV and internet yet, so now that I was here at work I wanted to jump on here. I hope you are all doing well, and whenever I get the house semi daone, I will put up pics.

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MrsMoma said...

That's great girl! I'm so happy for yall!!