Tuesday, September 30, 2008

smarty pants

Konnor is so smart!!
Last night I washed our griddle thingy after using it for grilled cheeses and sat it up on the counter to dry. Well, this morning Konnor was having a pop tart and he wanted me to put in in the microwave. I got off track and forgot to, so a few minutes later I saw him lay it up on top of the griddle, then looked at me and said " dis-a be hot in a mint" (this will be hot in a minute) (meaning his pop tart !!! ) what a cutie! I swear they soak up everything!

On a Not so Cute note, he has also learned the art of bribery.... I asked him to go get one of Cole's diapers, which he will usually do willingly. Well today he was feeling a bit fiesty and said " give Konnor sucker first..." OMG what a little stinker! NEEDLESS TO SAY IT DIDNT WORK!!!

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Aly said...

LOL!!! "Give Konnor a sucker first" That sounds like something one of my kids would say.

Congratulations on the birth of Cole! Last I knew you were still pregnant with him (shows where I have been.)

Your family is adorable