Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I feel like I should

be posting something, but we have not done anything lately!!!! I dont have any new news, we have just been hanging around the house being bums!! SO, I will share a few of the funny things that I have heard around the house lately....

1) cole begins to fuss....then I hear "uhhh, COLE...DONT start!" (that would be the ever so sweet big brother).
2 Konnor finds the capers and whines for one. I let him anticipating a funny reaction.He eats one and declares... "MMMM Tastes like Chicken!" Funny yes, not the reaction I was expecting though.
3) A halloween show was on the other night and was quite morbid.... Konnor came in and looked at the tv, then looked kond of scared. He then turned around and said "Mommy, its all fake right?"
4) "No mommy, I have a headache" after me asking him to pick up his toys. Arg!

OK thats all for now. Sorry, not much of a post but its all I got right now!! Maybe something ineresting will happen soon!

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Mama Mia said...

CAPERS, oh my gosh that is too funny!