Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wheres my friggin mind today!

Uh...Gosh! I dont know whats up with me today! I went to bed at a decent hour (midnight) and didnt have to *really* get up till 830. Cole came to my bed and nursed at 7 but then we went back to sleep. Anyway, I am completely out of it today!!! At breakfast I got Konnors plate ready, then my plate, sat down with my coffee and a small cup of juice. I opened the dish with splenda in it and spooned two scoops into my orange juice! Then about 5 mins later (after dumping the oj) I squeezed jelly on top of my eggs and then topped it off with salt!!!! OMG! (I meant to put the jelly on my toast. Thankfully I didnt take a bite but still my breakfast was ruined! I did at least have toast and coffee. Well, just now I laid Cole down to change his diaper and put one of Konnors on him! I had to laugh. He is a size 2 and that size 5 swallowed him. Gee, I have alot to do today, cleaning, grocery store and a bday party later....lets hope my day gets better or I will really be a mess! =)

ps AND I had to edit this like 4 times for errors!! Dang! =0)


Karla said...

Sorry Steph, I have to LOL @ the thought of Cole in one of Konnor's diapers!!!

I hope your day gets better!!!


Aly said...

At least you can laugh about it! Hope the day improves!

Christina said...

lol, I've had days like that... I'm afraid that it's inherent to momhood. Just call it "momnesia." ; )