Friday, November 7, 2008

I want another baby......

Not right NOW, just someday. Let me elaborate. My best friend in in the process of delivering her first baby right now and I am so excited, happy etc for her. In a way I want it to be me. In a big way. See, I am one of those wierdos who LOVES labor and delivery. It was my favorite part of both pregnancies, and I actually look back on them as fun memories. To me its kind of addicting like riding a rollercoaster. So scary and fun all at the same time, and I just want to keep doing it over and over. Whenever someone else does it it think "Uh Im so jelous! I wish it was me!" I love having babies ("having" as is delivering, AND as is having around the house etc). I love everything about it. Sleepless nights, not prob....poopy diapers, sure...screaming and crying, SO sweet...It makes me so happy and I am always am thinking to myself "Oh my gosh it is going by so fast." I want to always have a baby in my house! I know, now you all think I am crazy. I serously do think I was made to have babies, and today I am feeling terribly sappy over the whole baby thing, due to my friends baby coming. I know Cole is only 6 months old, and I cherish every second with him and Konnor... but that awesome roller coaster ride is just over so fast. I just pray that I can ride it a few more times in the years to come.(Konnor's birth 5-7-06)

(Cole's birth 5-4-08)

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Janet said...

I totally understand! I love the labor and delivery part too. My friends think I am crazy. It is definitely going by way to fast this second time around!!