Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My thoughts..

Well, History has been made. We were all a part of it and we will all remember where we were last night, or whenever we heard that Barack Obama became our next president. I have to be honest and tell you all that I did not go vote. For I while I thought I knew who I was voting for, then I changed my mind. I didnt vote, not because I was lazy or didnt care. Quite the opposite. I didnt vote because I honestly did not know who I thought would be the better candidate. All I can do is pray that Obama is the right man for the job and that things get better. I care so much about my boys' future, I was almost scared to vote either way and I didnt want to regret a decision.l. Now I just pray things get better. I was on the couch with Cole in my arms and Konnor asleep at my feet. Mark was in the recliner. I will never forget it, or the feeling in my stomach when I heard. Not because of who it was, just because of the huge meaning it has. I dont know if it is good or bad yet, my prayer is just that when kids in school look back at it years from now it is with pleasant thoughts and not the opposite. I think it will be.


London said...

Honestly, I think it's great, I think he will be a fantastic president!

LauraC said...

I think it will be a good four years!

I got your comment about running, but can't email you from your comment... email me laura_e_case yahoo to talk about running. I started by running 2 miles at a time and slowly increasing.

Kaycee said...

Bah.. i'm ready to see what happens, but honestly i'm a bit scared. One person can't change the world..

I understand about you not knowing who to vote for, neither candidate was a great choice IMO.

btw: my word verification was venem haha!