Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in pics!

What a great year we have had! I cant believe it is over. Its bittersweet because this has been such a great year. I cant wait to spend 2009 with my boys though. I know there is so much in store!

So, here is our past year! Although it doesnt look like we were very busy, we definately were! It has flown by!

January: Living in In-Laws Basement February: We took Konnor to his first Circus!

March: Got our apartment, started to potty train Konnor!

April: My Baby shower!

Spending time with Konnor while its still just the two of us.....

May: 5-4-08: Cole Gregory Braden is born!!

5-7-08 Konnor turns TWO!!!

June: The boys and I stayed with my mom and dad (thats my mom in the pic) while Mark is in training in AK. as Konnor gets adjusted to baby brother.
July: Cole starts smiling *On Purpose* for the first time~And we move his bed into HIS room.

August: Konnor gets his first big boy hair cut from daddy! The before and after:

And we took the boys to the petting zoo:

September: We went to the REAL zoo:
October: Happy Halloween!
November: Cole sits unassisted for the first time, Thanksgiving.


LauraC said...

Love it! What an amazing transformation over a year!

Mel said...

Amazing to me how much both boys changed in a year! (Cole in less than a year)!

Aimee said...

What a great year! Those are great pictures. What a cute idea!