Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Timeline

Here is a basic routine I am going to stick with in keeping with my getting healthier plan. The days events are the same as always, I just added in the meals and excercise. Today has already changed a tad though, as I am already on the computer instead of waiting till naps. I had to look something up so I just jumped over here too. I was SO sick yesterday, have no idea what it was, but I had NO schedule at all, and really didnt even eat, so today shouldnt be too hard to stick with eating well. My tummy is still yucky. (BTW Im not preggo....I checked! LOL) All I know is that I was in some serious pain and so nauseus. A weird pain in my stomach. I prayed last night that I would feel better today and I do, for the most part.

Basic Daily Timeline:
800 Nurse Cole
830 Konnor: Breakfast, Cole:Cereal,
900 Me:Coffee(2 tbsp creamer,splenda)(30 cals), NutriGrain Bar 130 cals) and a pear (about 60 Cals)220
930 Clean up/Konnor help/cole in highchair with toys
1000 Read books with konnor and Cole .
1030 Go to the park and for a walk (finish 1 bottle of water)
1100 Cole nurse and lunch, Konnor lunch, Me:snack (carrots and ranch) (40 cals) (1 bottle of water)
1130 Lay Cole down/Konnor movie/nap time/Me:workout
1200 Clean/
1230 Me:shower then lunch (salad: spinach, feta, tuna, balsamic, pecans) and (apple/grape 100 calorie pack), diet coke.
100 computer /tv time
200 Nurse cole give a snack/ alone play time with Cole
230 Me:snack ( 1 pc bread with 1 tbsp peanut butter) and 1 water, Konnor and Cole books/songs/toys
300 play time/Konnor snack
330 play time/lay cole down
400 any cleaning still needed before mark gets home/cole sleeping/konnor playing
430 daddy time
500 nurse cole and give his dinner/finish bottle of water
530 start Dinner
600 konnor mommy daddy( dinner(finish a water)/cole in high chair with his remaining
630 play time
700 Bath time
730 play time/stories/songs
800 Nurse cole and put to bed
830 read and talk to konnor and daddy
900 Me:snack (fudge bar) (40 cals) Konnor in bed/watch jon and Kate + 8 with him
930 Konnor::cup Me: computer/tv time
1000 Make marks lunch. Watch New show
1030 relax alone
1100 nurse cole,
1130 do daily hygiene routine/ go to bed
Start over the next day, only change out meals.


Kaycee said...

Holy bus girl! That made me tired reading it..lol! Sounds like a great plan, wish I could stick to it!!

Fullerton Family said...

Awesome plan, I got some good ideas just reading one day of your plan! Don't you love those 100 Cal packs?