Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas pic overload!!!!

I have about 800 majillion, but here is a rondom sampling for your viewing pleasure!!
We had Christmas eve at my parents house, then had our Christmas morning here, and then went to marks moms later. Here are all 5 cousins: Wyatt, Taylor, Zachary, Cole and Konnor. They are a crazy bunch of boys!

Daddy having fun....."Santa" putting the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.Nana and Papa gave him his first Hummer. I was even surprised!The cutie patooties this morning in their jammies..... Konnor was just trying to put his arm around Cole, not whack him in the head like it looks!

I cant even list everything they got. I was worried about this year, and now I think this was the best year ever!! It was SO fun and they boys got so much stuff. Not even that though, it just felt so warm and fuzzy this year. All throughout the day I found myself in my head saying "Thank you God for this" I just feel so blessed and went to bed last night praying that I can spend many more Christmases with my boys. I had the BEST day. Mark and I didnt get each other anything because we wanted it to all be for the boys and I swear it was the best Christmas I have ever had.

My mom and dad are the best. They got so much for the boys, and Mark and I too. They do SO much for us. Marks mom and step dad do too. I am very lucky to have my family.

OH!!! I did get an awesome vaccuum and the double stroller I wanted! My parents and Marks parents got us alot more stuff too. Gift cards, m0ney, clothes, I got earrings, new silverware, makeup, baking dishes and all kinds of other stuff. I was honestly surprised this year! I couldnt believe it.

ANyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as we did. The best gift I have ever gotten was this year watching my sweet babies smile with excitement on Christmas morning.


Karla said...

What a wonderful Christmas Steph!

I love the baby legs and the matching pjs!!! So cute!

Mel said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Merry Christmas!