Thursday, April 30, 2009

My babes are sick.

Nuff said. I hate it. I think back to when I was a kid, and I remember getting sick. Back then as far as I remember my parents never got too bent outta shape about it. Now though, when my kiddos are sick I think the world is ending. Its just my nature to worry. But times are different too, now there is always some new sickness to worry about, and of course my little sweeties would get sick RIGHT as this swine flu junk is all over the news. Man I swear I hate feeling that gnawing worrying feeling. Cole was sick 2 weeks ago, got better, now konnor has been sick for 2 days, and then tonight Cole is throwing up again. My brain automatically thinks "Oh God...what if they have it." I hate that. I aksed the doctor and she just kinda blew it off and said viral. I think that is the answer to anything honestly. Anyway, I just pray my kiddos feel better soon. Its no fun for any of us. Them cause they are miserable, and me cause I make MYSELF sick worrying about them! Sheesh! Say a prayer for them will ya. Thanks!

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London said...

I hope your boys get better soon. And try not to worry!