Wednesday, April 29, 2009

picture catch up

Leaning to play frisbee in our having a yard finally!

Silly Boy!
PICK ME UP mommy!

Konnor on the little bridge in our NEW backyard!

Our new patio furniture that was FREE....cant beat that!

The stairs...random I know...just my fav part of the house...
Having fun at Lowe's

I hate doing this cause I like to have funny, smart or clever blogs (not that I ever do) but, I want to catch up on some pics from the past month or so.


Aimee said...

Those stairs are pretty darn cool. Your boys look adorable!

Kaycee said...

Hey! Don't you appolagize, i LOVE seeing pictures. My blog is always FUll of them. haha!
Your new house is awesome. I totally love it! The boys are cuter than ever too. Cole is almost as big as Konnor huh? That's how my girls are too. Love his little striped outfit. I want it! :)

Karla said...

The boys are looking so big!!! Wow! You new house is gorgeous too, I know you must be loving it! :)

Mel said...

Your backyard looks big! Congrats again on a great new house!

Fullerton Family said...

I've been wanting to see pics of your new house! I think it's fun to see how others decorate. I like those stairs, they are pretty cool!