Monday, May 4, 2009

Coles Birthday

Dang it, I forgot that it puts them up in reverse ^this is after, and he passed our with his 102 fever...=(

^^This was the ONLY time he even remotely cared and he said "mmmm" it was SO cute!!^^

^^ Look how bad he looks! He was miserable. =(

Well, As it turns out, sweet baby had to go to the doctor today on his very first birthday! He has a double ear infection and has been throwing up for the past 3 days. We had to post pone his party this weekend, till two weeks from now, but I wanted to have him something for his Bday, so we just got a little cake, and sang happy bday. He felt so bad the whole time and barely even tasted the cake. Any other time he would be tearing it up!!! Poor guy. Hopefully he will have more fun at his big party. I cannot believe he is 1. I cried today cause the time has gone so fast!! ANyway, Happy Birthday Cole!


Fullerton Family said...

He is so cute! Poor little guy, being sick on his birthday! That pic of his sleeping face is just precious! Happy Birthday Cole!

Mel said...

Oh poor Cole! I hope he feels much better soon! Maybe you can give him a special birthday cupcake when he gets well. Then he will enjoy it more!