Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wrap up Summer '09

Well, summer has been good to us. It makes me sad that it is officially over =( I refuse to put up the kids pool until it gets colder though...I dont even care!
We spent our summer days either at the park, the pool, the library of yard selling. Cole developed a love for popsicles and hot dogs. The sun has turned his hair to brown sugar and his skin to a creamy peach. Everything about him is sweet, right down to his chocolate drop eyes. He went from a baby to a little boy in a matter of months. Summer started off with him crawling in the driveway, and has now ended with him running through the yard, riding his little bike, and saying "Pool! Pool!" He is just like me and LOVES all things summer. Konnor is the epitomy of a boy. He would ride his bike all day every day if I let him. He is finishing off the summer looking like a little abercrombie model with his shorts slung low, and his tan line. =) He had his first close call at the pool, and went from screaming bloody murder when put in the water, to splashing around and pushing the limits toward the deep end. He rode a dirt bike AND 4 wheeler for the first time, and has now decided that he wants one of his own. I have to say he is quite good at it too. I, I know that this has been the best summer of my life. Last summer cole was just a few months old and I was holed up indoors, refusing to be seen. Although not much on my body has changed since then, this summer brought with it a new attitude for me, and I threw out the window all cares of what people at the pool might think, and I took my boys almost every day. It was the best. I now FINALLY have the tan to prove it! I love this summer, but most of all, love love love LOVE my boys and the memories we have made!


London said...

Looks like y'all had a great summer!

*Kc* said...

How fun! :) Your boys are getting so big. And GIRL I love your black bathing suit that you're wearing in the pool.