Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thats what I love about Sundaaaays...

you know that song???
well, thats what I feel like today!!! It has been a perfect sunday!! I got to sit in church and hear the sermon ALONE!!!! both boys went to childrens church by themselves for the first time!! that is a major breakthrough, seriously!! The only way it would have been better would be if mark came, but he had to work, of course.....anyhoo...then came home, had lunch, boys are napping and I am RE-LAXING! my house is super clean after my cleaning fiasco yesterday, and I have nothing to do except be lazy!!! YAY It is BEAUTIFUL outside today too....I am going to enjoy this next hour or so of quiet, then maybe go to the park and wal-mart if I feel like gave me 30 bucks just cause....SWEET! Thats always good! I think I may just get the boys junk that they dont need....gushers, ice cream, pizzas, etc. Thats always fun!! LOL well, this was random...just wanted to brag on what a RELAXING day I was having!! lol =)

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Karla said...

Yay for relaxing Sundays!