Friday, October 2, 2009


I FINALLY got a new computer!! I know Ive said that several times, but those time I meant that mymom and dad gave me their old laptops. Today my dad surprised me with a NEW lap top!!! Its one3 of those tiny ones. I love it, its so cute!! I mostly LOVE that unlike my previous one, it woill stay on when NOT plugged in, AND It does not require a special cord for the internet!!!!! I am sitting here in the recliner typing with NO cords around me!!! I feel so hi tech!! LOL Thank you DAD you made my year!! NOW maybe I will finally be able to blog more than every two weeks. I have internet really good now!! no shutting off randomly!! LOL AND....double less thing I have to ask for for christmas....LOL J/K :p


Steph said...

the ONE thing I dont love it that is is REALLY hard to type on....sorry for all the mistakes...dont feel like fixin em!

LauraC said...

YAY for new computer!! And yay for more blogging!

Mel said...

Hooray for a great Dad!