Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OK....finally feel like it fits!

Whew! I am finally happy with the blog!!! (after how many years!?)
I have to give KAYCEE most of the credit, she is the one who planted the idea in my mind when she suggested the "pink in the house of blue" slogan, so then I just ran with it. Now I love it! All of the boys have their cute little nicknames which I love!! (see sidebar), and I feel like now the blog fits me!!! Promise now more changes! (for a while anyway!! ) ; )


Who are we? said...

Kaycee, I cant get it to right with a pic on top....its making it huge!! =( any tips?

*Kc* said...

LOVE it! I esp love their cute new nicknames :)

Hmm.. try to resize it in Picnik. I'll email you.

Steph said...

It looks great!