Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Bad...

In the car Konnor was yapping away, as usual, and he said "Mommy What is a jerk?"
"Where did you hear that!?" I asked "Casper" He said. Oh yeah, he did watch that the other day....
"What is it?" He askaed again. "Well, when someone is being mean to you, they are being a jerk. A person who is not nice is a jerk" "Oh, Ok" He said, then moved on to another subject. About 10 minutes of nonstop talking I finally said "Konnor please just be quiet for a while and let mommy drive!" ( I know Im aweful, but some days I cant handle it...) "OK. ((long pause)) JERK."
I gasped and said "Konnor!!! You dont call mommy a jerk!! that makes me sad! Only really mean people are jerks"
"Oh....My bad."
Geez How old is he again!!!! LMBO

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