Friday, December 18, 2009

Out of the mouth of Little Boy Blue:

Goodness he is funny lately!!
Yesterday, in the kitchen LBB eyeballed my big nice rachel ray knife and said "Mommy when I get big can I have that knife" Me: "Well, I gues when you get really big you can, yes" K: "Yessssss! (doing the classic arm move) then I can cut my OWN grapes!!"

in the car a couple of days ago we went thru McDs drive thru and I got a sweet tea. The lady gave me a juice box for konnor that I didnt even ask for!! when we pulled out I said "What a nice lady, huh K!" he said "what is a wady?" and I told him it just means the same thing as girl or woman. he said "Can I call YOU a wady? " I said "yeah I guess if you want!" It was quiet for a second and then he yelled "HEY WADY!" to get my attention and CRACKED UP!!!! LOL

LBB and Baby Blue were in the floor playing and lbb decided he wanted what bb had....he went to take it and I said "You may NOT take toys from him! You wait until he is done!" I continued what I was doing and then heard LBB say "Hey cole...are you done? Say Yeah!" BB of course excitedly said "YEAH!!" (we play the repeat game alot with him to teach words) and then K swiped the toy right away from him!! I of course still made him give it back, but had to laugh. Little sneak.

last night LBB blue had been in bed a while and I was downstairs on the computer. I heard his feet coming down the stairs....he came around the corner and with a scolding look in his eye said "MOM-MY!! it is WATE! you should be in BED!!!" LOL

there is so much more, but I cant think of any right now. He is making me laugh all day here lately...he seems so big here lately!!!!!!


Mel said...

AHHH thanks for the giggles, WADY! So cute!

Karla said...

LOL, too funny! I love all of his cute sayings, especially Wady!

Janet said...

I love all of the funny things they say at this age. It's just amazing how smart they are!!

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