Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coles 2nd birthday pics!

We celebrated coles 2nd birthday at home yesterday. Since the boys both have birthdays this week, we are having the "real" party this weekend.

Cole asleep on his birthday. This is his LAST paci EVER!
We put the big boy bed in his room. He played in it at bedtime, but then wanted in his crib =) guess he will have 2 beds in his room for a while =)

Look how old he looks!!!!!!!!

Got his first "real" haircut on his birthday!!

Konnor and cole having some cake.

mommy didnt wrap this one, so of course he got it earlier than planned.

Blowing out his candle. I think..well, I KNOW, this was the best present Cole got....a ride in daddys jeep with the top off!! (dont worry we didnt go far). Those that know him, KNOW how obsessed with Jeeps he is!!

Getting some help from big brother.

He is such a joy and we just love him so very much. Its hard to believe how fast two years can go. I wish he would just slow down. Last night I was putting him to bed and I told him how happy he makes me and he siad "Happy Meal!!??" So funny. Its so crazy how much they change in 2 years. I love him SO much!!!!


Steph said...

Happy Birthday Cole!!!

Heidi O said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday Cole!!

Janet said...

Aww, adorable! Happy 2nd birthday Cole!!