Monday, May 24, 2010

Konnors Bday pics, and the big Bday bash pics

OK, so these are a little late, but I jsut realized that I posted pics of coles actual bday, and not konnors or their joing bday party the following weekend...oops.... So my big boy turned 4 on May 7th, I cant believe it. He was so excited for his tent, sleeping bag, and fishing supplies. I was a little sad to not be buying little boy toys to be honest....=) But he so excited to go camping and fishing with daddy and pee in the grass LOL thats all he has talked about.
Me and my big 4 year old. I showed him this pic, and he said "I will always love this picture."...I will to. =)
This pic was taken after their birthday bash the weekend after their bdays.

May 7th, Konnors actual bday. Daddy took off and we took him to Ihop for breakfast, YUM!

May 8th We had a big bday bash at Kart Kountry, a fun fun place!!!! konnor trying out the batting cages!

and he was SO proud he could drive a go cart by himself because "Now Im 4 so I can do it!!"



Steph said...

Happy Birthday Konnor!!

Mama Mia said...

Aw how cute!!!