Friday, June 25, 2010

SCHOOLS out for SUMMER.....Schools out FOR-EVAH!!!!

Well, school is out for summer (duh) which means I am OFF WORK!! woo hoo!! BUT, it gets better...Mark changed shifts, and JUST so happened to switch to the exact shift that I work when school is what does that mean....I CANT GO BACK TO WORK WHEN SCHOOL STARTS BACK!! I have to say Im pretty exited about it. We knew that when mark put in to change shifts, but I didnt think I would get that lucky. So, Now Im officially a FULL time stay at home mom again. ( I know I know its only been six months that I even worked the pt job). I do feel a little bad not going back, but I can always go back when the boys go to school. Looks like it really is meant to be for me to just wait. BLESSED!


Karla said...

Congrats on being a SAHM again!

Janet said...

Yay for you. I'm glad you are excited.