Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just call me slacker

Im still here....slacking again!!! =)

We have been doing nothing and tons all at the same time, somehow. I have been enjoying every minute of the Christmas season with my family. I love staying in pjs all day and watching cartoons and only getting dressed to either A. go shopping B. go shopping to pick up a christmas treat to come back and make or C. going to a family function. This time of the year is the BEST. I have to say it is wrecking havoc on my waistline, but it always does. I will fix it come january hehe. Cant wait to see the boys on Christmas Morning. They were so much fun to watch at the family Christmas Parties. I know its it going to be the best Christmas ever (just like I say every year)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Aimee said...

My waistline is suffering as well! I've eaten more cookies this month than in the past 11 combined!

Karla said...

Enjoy every little moment!!
Merry Christmas Steph!