Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wed. randomness

I am SO happy today. I woke up beside my husband and thats something we tend take forgranted. One of our dear friends and "brothers" was shot last night. My husband was with him. It could have been him. Thank the dear Lord it was not. He came home to me and I have more time with him.

Thankfully Jody is in good condition as well. The bullet grazed his hip and did minor damage. I can only imagine how his poor wife, with a 15 month old and 2 month old, must have felt.

I cant believe I even have to think about shootings, bullets and all of the other SCARY stuff I will not mention. Its just crazy. Why are people so crazy?

IF there is a positive, its that having your husband in this line of work FORCES you to have a good marriage. I end fights with him sooner, let most things go, pray for him daily, look foreward to him getting home, miss him when he is gone, and thank God for every little thing we do together as a family. That is a blessing.

On a lighter note....We get a Christmas tree today ANDDDDDD our new furniture!!! YAYAYAY
pics will come later!

I fell on ice yesterday and (didnt get hurt but) looked like a complete moron!! I even laughed at was less than gracefull. =)

The kids and I made the cutest gingerbread house last night. Konnor kept sneaking icing and ended up puking. Thats always fun.

I overheard konnor and cole upstairs yesterday undressing for their bath. Konnor said "Hey cole, santa can see us right now, and he can probably see that my wiener is bigger than yours" Oh dear lord. and so it begins!!

Everyone have a GREAT day. Im going to!!!

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