Thursday, December 2, 2010

This little elf is GOOD

I got EVERYTHING but one thing bought yesterday, wrapped AND hidden. Christmas for the kids is officialy under controll. YESSSSSSSS I, think Im as excited about the kids getting their toys, as they will be! Gotta say Christmas with kiddos is a blast =) BONUS: we got three fourths of the stuff for 1/2 off at toys r us, so we then went back and added some more stuff. No we are not going CRAZY, but it is fun to get the main things on their lists, plus be able to add a few extras that they werent really even thinking of. Cant wait!
I found myself saying several times "Thank you Lord that we can do this for the kids" It is truly a blessing. =) Now just to get a DARN tree to put things under Grrrr!!!!!

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