Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Randomness

I still dont have a Christmast Tree in my house, and its bugging the HECK out of me. I really want us to all go as a family, but i dont want to NAG mark, so Im waiting as patiently as possible. Ive tried to get the him to get the hint...Ive got the tree holder and tree skirt laid out ready in the corner, and the box of ornaments beside it LOL we will probably go today =)

Im SO excited, the kids are going to nana and papas today and mark and I are doing our Christmas shopping!! I love this day. Its so fun to get out alone with mark, and even more fun to buys stuff for the kids and play santa =)

friday is marks Birthday and we are going to get crazy...we are going to a JUDDS concert!!! LOL most of you may not even know who that is!! Trust me this is SOOO not like us...we are almost doing it as a funny joke. We saw a while back that the farewell tour would be here on the day of his birthday, and we both were like "Oh yes, we are so doing that!" hehe so I post soon about our wild night =)

haha mark is giong to be 29

We are getting new furniture next week!!!!!!!!!!!! Im just a little excited about this. We have had the same couch and recliner for the 7 years that we have been married. Its actually only "new to us" but I dont care =) Its my mother in laws (beautiful) two couches (each with three reclining seats) and recliner, and end table and coffee tables. She has only had them for 2 years and is "selling them" to us at a VERY low price...I mean, like not even furniture the price of dinner....The best part is we get them this week and dont have tp pay her until after christmas =) EXCITED!! Pics to come!!

I really need an area rug though now to go under the new coffee table. Ive never had a coffee table!

I am startving. Its 11 am and all I have had is coffee....

I cant wait to go eat at outback for dinner tonight! one of my faves!

ok, kids are crawling on me now, which means I have been on here too long! =) Have a great wednesday!

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