Thursday, April 17, 2008

just rambling

Im here at "quote" WORK, and just sitting here feeling the little guy bouncing around in there. He gives new meaning to the term Bouncing Baby Boy. And I was actually giggling out loud. Its kind of like we are palying a little game with each " hey mommy...take that!" He seems like such a little stinker already! I will sorta rub his foot when he pokes it out my side and then he will jerk it away and poke it out somewhere else like "na na na boo cant get me!!" its too fun. I really love this part of pregnancy. I am so ready to get him out, but then times like right now I dont want to end....
On another topic....Konnor is amazing as well. He has such a personality/Character about him lately. I cant even really explain it, but he will just do little things out of the blue that stunn me! I always stand him up after diaper change and say "huggie!!" and get a hug, then "kissie" get a kiss, then say "I love you" and send him on his way..... Last night after I got him dressed he stood up grabbed my face and said "Huggie mommy!" I gave him a hug and he said "Lo You!"
He is such a sweet boy!! He is also getting SO verbal. He was runnig and said "mommy, Konnor running!" then put his arms out and said "Konnor flying!!' and is always SO descriptive like that...he will inform you of whatever it is he is doing. a few night ago he was running around the house and stopped, pulled up his shirt and said "tummy hurts"....where does all this come from?? Maybe its the pregnancy, but I am just so overwhelmed with awe over him lately. I love him so much and think he is the smartest kiddo around. I know we all do though. Anyway, I just wanted to reflect... Its one of those days, maybe its the weather, but I just cant help but notive how incredibly blessed I am. I think of Mark and Konnor and this baby and how my life has turned out and can just sit back and honestly be completely happy.... Theres not much more than that is there?

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-Bridget said...

What a sweet post. Thanks for keeping things in perspective and reminding me to be grateful for what I have.